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Advantages of buying a
Envotherm solution

Disposal of process water or industrial wastewater is both costly and environmentally damaging. With Envotherm’s ZLD technology, you can save money from day 1 while protecting the environment, cost-effectively, easily and sustainably.


With a rental solution from Envotherm, you will typically experience savings of between 30-50% from the first day the system is operational. When purchasing a plant, the payback period is typically between 18-36 months.

With Envotherm, you will experience savings on energy, water, downtime and waste disposal. – We have introduced our rental solution to make the benefits of an automated and energy efficient ZLD wastewater plant available to all process and wastewater companies, regardless of size.


Envotherm provides turn-key solutions for wastewater treatment. This means that the system is ready to be implemented in your production without major changes to your facilities.

Envotherm’s wastewater treatment systems are fully automated and complete with a servitization module that guarantees optimal uptime while providing 24/7 online support and 70% of all service can be done from our office. In addition, the plants are digitally monitored, so we can not only solve problems, but also prevent them.


By using evaporation to treat wastewater, you separate waste substances from water, giving you two fractions: the concentrate of your waste substances and a distillate (pure water).

Whether you have oil, chemicals or heavy metals in your process – or wastewater, Envotherm’s industrial wastewater and process water treatment solutions can help you separate waste and recycle your water so it can be used again and again.

Envotherm has the lowest energy consumption on the market – as low as 15 kWh/m3. This is possible because Envotherm reuses the heat from the outgoing distillate to heat the incoming process water.

Typically, our customers reduce their waste volume by 95-99%, while an equivalent amount of water is continuously recycled in their production. Our plants are versatile, so if your needs change, 80% of the materials in new plants can be recycled when the plants are returned. In addition, the plants are scalable, which means that you as a customer can upgrade to a higher capacity as needed.

If you have any questions about purchasing/renting our products or are interested in a free test of your wastewater, please contact us for a no-obligation consultation.