BENTELER Automotive Tønder A/S

Benteler Automotive Tønder A/S, based in Tønder, Denmark, is part of the BENTELER-Group, with more than 30.000 employees worldwide and 153 locations in 40 countries. The BENTELER-Group stands for a high degree of excellent material, production and technology in the areas of Automotive, Steel/Tube and Distribution. The company entered a rental agreement for an Envotherm ET1000 E•MVR system with the capacity of treating up to 1000 l/h of wastewater.


Supplier for the automotive industry.


With the production of aluminium components there is wastewater generated as part of the rinsing process. The wastewater contains surfactant emulsions, which means a large part of the wastewater from production cannot be discharged into the public sewage system, and needs to be disposed of by a third party at high cost.


Envotherm delivered an ET1000 E•MVR system under a rental agreement which means that in the long run, Benteler can treat up to 6000 m³/year, and re-use more than 95% of wastewater, as distillate water, and less than 5% will need to be disposed of. By using the Envotherm rental solution, Benteler obtained a cost saving on disposal of more than 50% from day one.