Meggitt A/S

Meggitt A/S
Meggitt A/S is part of MEGGITT PLC.’s Sensing Systems division. Meggitt A/S was founded in 1952 as Ferroperm Piezoceramics A/S but was taken over by Meggitt in 2008. Meggitt A/S are experts in production of piezoceramic components used in sensors. The company invested in an Envotherm ET100 E•MVR with a capacity of treating 100 l/h wastewater.


Production of piezoelectric ceramics.


By the production of piezoelectric ceramics, the wastewater from the surface treatment contains heavy metal. This meant that Meggitt A/S could not charge the wastewater into the public sewage system, and as such, experienced high cost for disposal by third party.


Envotherm delivered an ET100 E•MVR system, which can treat up to 600 m³ wastewater a year. With this solution, Meggitt A/S brought down their disposal cost significantly, and can now dispose of the distillate in to the public sewage system.