Scad Bejds Steel A/S

Scan Bejds was established in 2001 and have since 2007 been divided into Scan Bejds Steel A/S and Scan Bejds Offshore A/S. CEO for both companies is Matthias Trum. Scan Bejds Steel A/S are experts within pickling and passivation of metal surfaces. In 2013 the company invested in an Envotherm E•MVR plant with a capacity of 500 l/h ingoing wastewater.


Surface treatment of stainless steel, titanium, aluminium etc. Scan Bejds are experts in regards to pickling and ensuring surfaces against corrosion.


A strong growth in recent years within extracting surface treatments of stainless steel, hence pickling, passivating or glasblasting, and later also electro polishing and ball-polishing, also meant a significant increase in cost related to disposal of the wastewater from their process. Scan Bejds therefor investigated the possibilities in the market for bringing down and control the cost related to wastewater. Further to this, they also wanted to close off the outlet to the public sewage system.


Envotherm delivered an ET500 system, which has a capacity to treat and recirculate up to 3000 m³ wastewater per year. Furthemore, this system was from the beginning designed with the possibility to increase capacity to 6000 m³, in several steps. The first steps have already been implemented. The Envotherm ET500 system sold to Scan Bejds has an ROI of less than 24 months.