Schirm GmbH

Schirm GmbH in Wolfenbüttel, Germany
the former LEHNKERING GmbH and Imperial Chemical Logitstics GmbH. Schirm GmbH i Wolfenbüttel are experts in the production of Fine-, Special-, and Agro-Chemicals. The company became the first partner of Envotherm in Germany under the recently launched Rental and Lease concept, by renting an ET200 E•MVR evaporation system with a capacity of 200 l/h incoming wastewater.


Production of Fine-, Special-, and Agro-Chemicals.


Wastewater from chemical production is of such character, that it cannot be directly discharged in to the public sewage system, due to stringent guidelines by the local authorities. The use of an evaporation system operating under vacuum, had given very high energy cost, and further to this, the system did not have sufficient capacity. As a consequence Lehnkering encountered high expenses, specially for the part of the wastewater that could not be treated in the system and had to be neutralized.


Envotherm delivered an ET200 E•MVR system – which can treat up to 1.200 m³/year, and where the distillate can be directly charged into the sewage system. By use of the rental concept, Imperial obtained substantial savings from day one after commissioning.

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