Schirm GmbH

Schirm GmbH in Wolfenbüttel, DE manufactures various chemical products for industrial purposes. The wastewater from the production can not be discharged directly, therefore, Schirm GmbH used a different procedure – external incineration of their wastewater. As this method is pollution-intensive, Schirm GmbH was looking for a more environmentally friendly solution, hence, Schirm GmbH and Envotherm came in contact to conduct preliminary investigations.
Envotherm tested and analyzed the wastewater and found Envotherm’s E•MVR technology to be the ideal solution for Schirmb GmbH.


Schirm GmbH is a leading production- and service provider for the chemical industry. With numerous multinational customers in agrochemical, fine- and specialty chemical segments, Schirm GmbH provide services in synthesis, formulation and packaging.

Schirm GmbH operates neutrally, flexibly, reliably, competently and worldwide. Various value-added services, such as formulation development, upscaling of synthetic routes, customs clearance, support with regulatory processes such as REACH or mediation of warehouse and transport logistics solutions complete the portfolio.


In 2015, Schirm GmbH decided to proceed with the lease of an Envotherm evaporation plant. The lease period was three years. Envotherm is responsible for monitoring the system, 70% of the systems' service is digitalized. This means for Schirm GmbH that the price per m3 in the three-year period, can be budgeted and planned for. Schirm GmbH extended the lease for another three years in 2018, and again 2021.


The controller in the Envotherm evaporator is equipped with sensors that generate an alarm in time before the system needs to be cleaned or replaced with a consumable. The control system in the system is programmed in such a way that the screen operators can track the process and all system parameters on the touch panel, mobile phone or computer. Envotherm's engineer can connect to the plant and track the process online. The alarm informs the customer and Envotherm accurately, so fast problem solving is guaranteed.

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Our processwaters has varying compositions, so other solutions have not worked optimally. We are pleased with the rental solution and service from Envotherm.
We recommend this solution to other industrial wastewater companies.
Herr Dipl.-Ing. Chr.Horn, Manager Engineering
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