Are you interested in seeing how much CO2 you can save by switching to an Envotherm solution?

In cooperation with FRECON A/S | Mechanical Engineering we have developed a CO2 calculator, that calculates the CO2 reduction you can achieve by switching from your current solution to an Envotherm solution.


Envotherms’ patented E-MVR technology is the most efficient, sustainable and energy-efficient technology on the market.

E-MVR is based on atmospheric pressure and efficiently separates your wastewater into two fractions: A concentrate (typically 1-5%) and a distillate, also referred to as clean water (typically 95-99%).

We provide you with a guarantee on the purity of your distillate. This means that you are guaranteed that your treated wastewater can be recycled in your production.

We also provide you a guarantee on the yearly capacity of our wastewater treatment plants, securing you a high efficiency and uptime, and a guarantee on the energy-consumption of the plants, so you are guaranteed an energy-efficient solution.

What you need to answer:

  • How much wastewater do you have per year?
  • How big a percentage of your wastewater is water?
  • How far do you have to the nearest wastewater treatment facility?
  • Do you have an existing solution for treatment of industrial wastewater?
  • How much wastewater do you recycle with your current solution?

    This is what you will know after using our CO2 calculator

  • How many kWh you can save per year
  • How much CO2 you can save per year in %
  • How much CO2 you can save per year in kg

    Our CO2 calculator can be found under Downloads