IMET Alloys was looking to replace their maintenance intensive evaporator.

Edited by Jeppe Jönsson

To evaluate which technology and supplier to go with – IMET hired a consultant with expertise in this area who invited leading evaporator suppliers to make presentations. Of the four suppliers, Envotherm set the standard and won the order.

We are very impressed with the installation, technology; performance of the equipment and the technical support- says Mike Oruska

Envotherm won

Envotherm was the only supplier that was able to guarantee all their key performance parameters: Energy consumption, Cleaning frequency, Concentration rate, Capacity, Distillate quality, Up time, Technical support, and Response to service issues.

The 24/7 on-line service made it possible for IMET Alloys to make the final decision. IMET Alloys chose the ET 1250 with additional Equipment. IMET Alloys is a Strategic Materials Management Company and an industry leader in recycling Super Alloys and Titanium for the Aerospace Industry.

We are happy to recommend this solution to other industries – says Mike Oruska, COO IMET Alloys, USA

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