The municipality was not satisfied with the existing solution at Jysk Emballage Rens.

Edited by Jeppe Jönsson
Therefore, the company’s director was searching for a more long-term and stable solution.
Jysk Packaging Cleaning (JER) – works with environmentally friendly cleaning and recycling of various types of plastic packaging, as well as sales of new ones.

After renting a solution for 6 months, we chose to buy an ET2500 evaporator – says Niels Meyland

Niels Meyland found Envotherm and the fact that Envotherm could offer a rental solution made the outcome. A rental solution from Envotherm typically reduces the costs between 35-50% for our customers.

The waste water at JER was very diverse and it presented some challenges in the start-up phase. They are now fixed and the plant is running satisfactory. The purified water can be recycled and the amount disposed is significantly less. The municipality has made a few visits and taken samples and is very pleased with the result.

When the water is put through the evaporator, the purified water is so clean that it can be reused in the washing system, which was not possible before.

We would like to recommend this solution to other industrial companies with process and wastewater – Niels Meyland, Managing Director. Director and owner