Customers get service done on-line and save hourly and travel costs

Envotherm has digitised service and support

Envotherm can sell plants all over the world because we offer on-line service and support 24/7.
Edited by Jeppe Jönsson

Envotherm has been serving customers online since 2008 and therefore has extensive experience in problem solving.

The plants have the latest sensors and sensors on all fluid flows in the system. Envotherm’s engineers can monitor the installation at the customer’s site via a connection. This makes it possible to assess in good time whether a sludge should be replaced or whether the plant should be cleaned.

Envotherm offers digitised service and support in real time.

Our customers appreciate this service – it means lower service costs and better plant uptime. Vibeke Svendsen, CEO Envotherm

In Envotherm’s evaporation technology, the energy is recycled in the plant. Envotherm can therefore offer a guarantee on the energy consumption per treated m3 of wastewater.
The energy consumption is 45 kWh per m3.

With Envotherm’s solution, the customer knows the full cost of treating the wastewater, and that cost is far below the disposal costs, a new customer typically saves 35-50% p.a. on their wastewater costs.