Envotherm wins DI Southern Jutland Initiative Award

With a business model that focuses on rental rather than investment and a strong focus on circularity and sustainability, Envotherm has opened doors at home and abroad in new and innovative ways.

From its headquarters in Hammelev, east of Vojens, Envotherm designs, develops, produces and sells high-tech solutions for the treatment of industrial wastewater. Here, sustainability and circularity have been a central point of reference for product and concept development since the company’s inception in 2006.

Envotherm has managed to create a unique technological solution that allows users to reuse up to 99% of their water, while reducing disposal costs by a corresponding 99%.

Envotherm shows that the green transition can go hand in hand with low operating costs.


Envotherm wins DI Southern Jutland’s initiative award 2020


Green transition made investment-free

Envotherm is one of the many companies that have felt the impact of coronary restrictions – Making large investments for a wastewater plant is not a top priority at a time when many companies are just trying to stay afloat. In addition, when they finally make a big investment, most people want to be able to look the seller in the eye and shake hands.

Envotherm has introduced a rental solution that allows companies to enjoy the great benefits of a high-tech wastewater plant without having to invest. With a rental solution, companies pay per treated m3 of wastewater, just as they would if they had it disposed of externally.

When there is no investment, there is no risk. This is why the rental solution is particularly attractive under Corona, as companies are generally less risk averse than usual.

Accelerating digitalisation and IoT

In addition to Corona customising the payment model itself, Envotherm has gone to great lengths to customise their service. By implementing the latest technology in the systems, more than 70% of all service and support can be performed from the office in Hammelev. In addition, the plants are digitally monitored 24/7, so customers are assured of a system that always works optimally.

Envotherm really put their remote control and coordination skills to the test in autumn 2020 when they managed to complete a full installation and commissioning in the UK without having their own staff on site.

Facts about Envotherm

Envotherm supplies automated industrial wastewater treatment plants to a wide range of industries, the most important of which are the automotive, aerospace, surface treatment and all metalworking industries.

Envotherm has solutions in Europe, North America and Asia. Rental and service activities are carried out by Envotherm’s subsidiary, ET Procurement ApS – which had 120% growth in 2020.
All activities of Envotherm and its wholly owned subsidiary are carried out from the domicile in Southern Jutland.


Envotherm is guided by the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) 6 on clean water and sanitation and SDG 12 on responsible consumption and production.

When purchasing an installation, customers usually have a payback period of 18-36 months.

By renting a plant, customers typically save 30-50% of their costs from the day of installation.