Get 116% tax credit for investing in green transformation

In December 2020, a broad agreement was reached on green tax reform. One of the key elements of this agreement is to allow a 116% deduction for investment in non-fossil fuel operating equipment – a big step in the right direction.

In both the current and previous governments, the green transition has been a hot topic of conversation. Particularly sought after in the 2019 elections. However, words have since been turned into action and a new broad agreement between the parties allows green investments to be facilitated to a greater extent, with a green investment deduction of 116% up to 2022.

Minimal discharge

We are one of the companies creating opportunities and savings in the green transition. We make machines for the treatment of process and waste water. Envotherm’s technology is environmentally friendly and circular – the wastewater is split into two fractions, concentrated waste and pure water, also called distillate. The concentrated waste still has to be disposed of, but now only amounts to 1-5% of the previous volume.

This greatly reduces the amount of waste to be disposed of. At the same time, the distillate can be reused in production without the addition of chemicals or plasticisers, saving both money on chemicals and on the large reduction of water in production.

Since our start in 2006, we have focused on green solutions and circularity – We are of course pleased that the government shares our interest in the green transition and that more incentives are being created for green investments in Danish industry.

Turn-key solutions that minimise costs and protect the environment

Envotherm offers plug’n’play solutions. This means that the plant can be used from the day it is delivered and can be easily integrated into existing facilities. Whether the customer’s wastewater contains heavy metals, oil, chemicals or all sorts of other waste, it’s nothing we haven’t tried before.

Of course, subject to the size of the production and the amount of wastewater the customer has, our solution is a so-called one-size-fits-all that can be adapted to the customer’s specific production and wastewater with very few adjustments.

At the same time, the easy plug-n-play solution has the lowest energy consumption on the market, 24/7 online service and digital monitoring to ensure the system is always running optimally.

Small costs – Big benefits

Envotherm isn’t just about the environment and circularity – we’re here for businesses first and foremost. There are great benefits, both economically and competitively, in investing right now, so we hope to see more companies in Denmark ready to take the next step in their own green transition.

At Envotherm, we offer both buy/lease options for our solutions – Before the new tax deductions, the average payback time for a purchase was less than 2.5 years. In addition, the system is easy to upgrade if needs change, and up to 80% can be reused when returning a system.

The low energy consumption is due to the fact that Envotherm reuses the heat in the plant, resulting in the plants consuming down to 15 kWh/m3.


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