Meggitt A/S

Cost-effective treatment of wastewater from surface treatment.

Meggitt A/S is part of MEGGITT PLC.’s Sensing Systems division. Meggitt A/S was originally started in 1952 as Ferroperm Piezoceramics A/S but was acquired by Meggitt in 2008. Meggitt A/S are experts in the manufacture of piezoceramic components used in sensors. Meggitt A/S invested in an evaporator to treat their process water in 2013. The process water contains heavy metals and other chemicals which means the process water cannot be discharged directly. After treatment in Envotherm’s evaporator, the values of the treated process water are far below the discharge requirements.

Meggit A/S


Production of piezoelectric ceramics.


The production of piezoelectric ceramics generates some waste water containing heavy metals and various chemicals. This meant that Meggitt A/S could not discharge the waste water and therefore had high disposal costs.


Envotherm supplied an ET100 that can treat up to 600 m³ per year. With this solution, Meggitt A/S reduced their costs considerably. The Envotherm evaporator control system is equipped with sensors that ensure that if the system needs to be cleaned, or a wear part in the system is ready for replacement, an alarm is triggered in good time before cleaning or a spare part needs to be replaced.

The control system in the plant is programmed so that Meggitt’s employees can follow the process in the plant and all parameters, either via the Touch panel, via the mobile phone or via the computer.
At Envotherm, the engineer can connect to the plant and view the process on-line. Alarms inform the customer and Envotherm of exactly where the problem has occurred – ensuring quick problem resolution.