Envotherm makes Less energy go to waste

Heat exchange
The ingenuity behind the system reuse the outgoing steam to warm up the incoming waste water, thereby reducing the energy consumption with up to 66% in relation to competitors.
Evaporation process
Concentrated waste, ready for disposal without any further treatment.

Less waste & more clean water Means minimized costs

The Envotherm technology ensures a fine degree of separation between water and waste which includes multiple invaluable business benefits.
Increased volume of clean water
The system significantly increase the volume of clean water, ready to reuse in your production without any need for further cost of treatment.
Minimized cost of disposal
The final waste goes through a refined process of distillation, that minimizes the costs of disposal noticeably – a cost that is predicted only to increase over the coming years.
Vision & Mission
We want to create a more eco-friendly, economical and qualityrich sorting of waste water.
The idea
The idea came to life because of the tightening legislation on- and running cost for disposal of industrial waste water.
Innovation is part of our DNA and we’re currently working on a new evaporator, that is significantly smaller.

Benefits with an Envotherm solution

Envotherm solution
Distillate of very high quality
Compact implementation which normally does not require structural changes
Silent - less than 73 dB (A)
All heavy metals effectively removed
Removes effectively all non-polar elements in distillate
Continuous and automated operation
Remote surveillance and control over the internet

Turn a profit Within 2 years

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