Wastewater technology with minimal energy consumption

Heat exchanger
By reusing the outgoing steam to heat the ingoing wastewater, a plant form Envotherm needs 66% less than energy than a similar plant from competing technologies.
Evaporation process
With evaporation technology from Envotherm, you get a completely pure distillate that can be recycled as soft water in your production, or discharged directly to the sewer.

Save on your resources With ZLD technology

Our patented absorber removes waste products in your wastewater, by separating water vapor and non-water vapor. The pure water vapor continues through the process and becomes distillate, while the non-water vapor is separated as waste.
The mechanical foambreaker breaks foam bubbles in the heat exchange evaporator, thereby preventing chemicals from following the steam further through the process. This enables you to completely eliminate the use of defoaming chemicals.