From waste to resource

Does your company have a production that uses water for processing or cleaning of your products? Envotherm has the solution for companies wishing to recycle and recirculate resources and avoid unnecessary disposal of industrial wastewater.

At Envotherm, we aim to contribute to the green transitioning, while reducing your costs by using our innovative and reliable industrial wastewater treatment plants. We develop tailored and turn-key wastewater treatment plants, built to minimize waste and maximize profits.

Recycling and utilization of wastewater has a big potential for reducing your operational costs. Our automated and energy-efficient wastewater treatment plants ensure a complete separation of water and oil, chemicals, heavy metals or other unwanted substances, allowing you to minimize waste and recycle your water.

Our innovative evaporator technology separates your wastewater into two fractions: concentrated waste, and a distillate (clean water). The heat from the outgoing distillate is reused for warming up the ingoing wastewater, ensuring the lowest energy-consumption per m3 on the market – up to 66% lower than our competitors. The remaining wastewater goes through a refined distillation process, reducing waste-disposal-costs immensely. An expense that is expected to increase significantly in the coming years.

With a wastewater treatment plant from Envotherm, you get a long-term secured, sustainable and cost-efficient solution, that strategically utilizes the possibilities of water recycling and recirculation in your company.

Profitable and sustainable wastewater treatment plants from Envotherm

At Envotherm we offer a variety of different solutions – both tailormade and turn-key solutions in 10 different sizes – book a free testing of your wastewater, and we will find the optimal solution for you.

In close cooperation with our certified subcontractors and suppliers, we develop subcomponents that our engineers and technicians assemble, test and program. This way, we have control over the whole supply chain and can guarantee that our systems live up to the increasing demands and requirements set by the industries, our customers and international rules and regulations.

Once our wastewater treatment plants are installed, you will have a complete, automated, cost-efficient solution for wastewater treatment. You are also guaranteed a long-lasting, reliable solution in the highest quality, requiring only minimal attention and maintenance in your operations.

Our advanced wastewater treatment plants are built with self-cleaning and self-diagnostics software, constantly monitoring and protecting all the vital components, so we are not only solving technical issues, we are also preventing them. Our systems are versatile and scalable, so it is possible to adapt and upgrade wastewater treatment plants in the existing facilities without making any physical changes.

The wastewater treatment plants have an integrated servitization module, providing you with digital support from Envotherms 24/7 digital support desk and digital monitoring of the plant – ensuring that your system is always up to date on the newest software and unnecessary downtime is avoided.

Our highly educated team provides constant innovative and dynamic development of wastewater treatment plants in numerous industries. With a wastewater treatment system from Envotherm, you get a sustainable and profitable purification of your wastewater and we offer the lowest OPEX/m3 on the market.

Are you interested in hearing more or do you have any questions about our service or products, then contact us now.