AAO Steel A/S

Aage Østergaard A/S, DK – Horsens
The group includes, in addition Aage Østergaard A/S also: Scan Press A/S, EJ Værktøj, Bdr. Madsen Maskinteknik A/S and Erik Hudecek ApS. The company was established in 1924 and has 500 employees.


Metal machining company that specializes in deep drawing, stamping and cold forming.


Aage Østergaard A/S disposes of each year 1,200 m3 of process water from alkaline automatic washing line. Until 2009, the company had annual costs of DKK 720,000 to an outside company for the disposal of process water. In addition, there are expenses for soft water.


Envotherm's new ET350 now process the wastewater so that only 5% must be disposed of. The remaining 95% distilled water is of such high quality that it can be recycled directly into the process again. Oil content <10ppm. Conductivity <40μS/cm. The investment was paid back in less than 2 years.