Envotherm is
Easy to integrate

Our products will tell you before they break, giving you high uptime and a life expectancy of at least 15 years.

At Envotherm, we provide turn-key solutions that are easy to operate and require minimal attention and maintenance in everyday life.

Facts about the system
We think you should know

The self-sufficient, automated system enables it to offer the lowest OPEX on the market per m3 treated.

24 hours support

The built-in touch interface supports remote control, connecting the device to Envotherm's 24-hour support desk via the Internet.

7500 hours uptime

Our system has a high uptime of 7500 hours per year, which makes it better than competing solutions of about 6600 hours per year. years.


The system cleans itself automatically and is built with an advanced self-diagnostic system that monitors and protects all its vital components.


Our products are modular plug-and-play, making it easy to scale up or down and fit into existing facilities without physical changes.