Envotherm has been pushing the boundaries of what is possible in evaporation wastewater since 2006. Our solutions are used in many different industries and we always welcome new challenges. Find your industry below or contact us if you have a challenge for us that doesn’t fit in the boxes.
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All over the world, companies are using advanced technology to adapt, grow and optimise their processes. In many industries, water-intensive processes help generate large volumes of industrial wastewater that cannot be discharged but require physical, chemical or biological treatment. Technological advances in industrial wastewater evaporation solutions have made wastewater treatment a competitive factor for companies, as technologies like E-MVR automate processes, eliminate emissions and minimise costs.

With the ease of set-up, flexible solutions and guarantees on the purity of your distillate, the market’s lowest energy consumption and your annual capacity, you can reap the benefits of the most efficient industrial wastewater treatment technology today.

What is
E-MVR technology

E-MVR is Envotherm’s patented technology for efficient, sustainable and cost-effective wastewater evaporation. With E-MVR you have an advanced and reliable technology that ensures your efficiency for years to come.

E-MVR technology separates your wastewater into two fractions; a concentrate (1-5%); and a distillate (95-99%). As the only provider on the market, we give you a guarantee on the purity of your distillate – This means that you are guaranteed that you can reuse your purified process water again and again in your production.
E-MVR technology typically reduces the amount of wastewater that needs to be disposed of by 95-99% depending on how much dry matter you have in your wastewater.
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E-MVR gives you the
Competitive advantages you need

The rules for industrial waste water disposal will be stricter and prices will be higher. E-MVR technology combines sustainability and cost reductions, illustrating that the green transition can go hand in hand with low operating costs.
Companies that purchase a solution from Envotherm typically have an ROI of 18-36 months. Customers who rent a solution from Envotherm save 30-50% of their costs, already from the day of installation.
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