The benefits of a
Envotherm solution

  • Free test of your wastewater

  • Rent a system before you buy

  • Fully automated

  • 70% of all services can be performed online

  • Highest uptime on the market

  • Guarantee on purity of distillate, annual capacity and energy consumption

  • 24-hour support line – Staffed by engineers

  • Reuse up to 99% of your process water

  • Only 20-45 kWh/m3 wastewater, depending on the size of the solution you choose

Leader in the treatment and recycling of industrial waste water

  • Pure business

    Customers who rent a solution typically experience savings of 30-50%, while customers who buy typically experience an ROI of 6-20 months

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  • Clean technology

    Our patented solution has the market's lowest energy consumption and highest uptime

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  • Clean operations

    Vores servitization modul giver dig 24/7 digital support, fjernkontrolleret service og minimal vedligeholdelse og rengøring

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