ET Procurement offers industrial wastewater treatment on a subscription basis – our customers typically save 30-50%.

ET Procurement provides ZLD solutions from Envotherm in the form of subscriptions that include:

  • Treatment of industrial waste water

  • Service

  • 24/7 digital monitoring

  • 24/7 technical support hotline – Staffed by engineers

  • Spare parts

  • Installation

  • Ability to recycle your wastewater on-site (up to 99% of your water)

  • Training of staff

ET Procurement is a 100% owned subsidiary of Envotherm, and operates from Vojens in Southern Jutland

Get a price estimate on a
Subscription with ET Procurement

To make an accurate estimate, we need to know more about your company’s current wastewater situation.

What happens now?

One of our advisors will contact you for more information. So we can tailor the best solution for you and your business.

Advantages of a
Subscription solution

Wastewater disposal is both costly and environmentally damaging. ET Procurement has introduced a subscription solution that reduces your wastewater costs by 35-50% from day 1.

With ET Procurement, you only pay for the number of m3 you process – service, support and spare parts are all included in your subscription.
With ET Procurement, you can focus on what makes your business successful and avoid unforeseen costs.

When you take out a subscription with ET Procurement, you can choose between a term of 3, 5 or 7 years, with a fixed m3 price and a guarantee on the purity of your distillate, your annual capacity and your energy consumption.

The sustainable alternative to disposal

ET Procurement combines sustainability with low operating costs:

  • Emissions from wastewater incineration and transport are reduced by up to 99%

  • Reuse up to 99% of your water

  • Only 20-45 kWh/m3 waste water

  • When returning a wastewater treatment plant, up to 80% of the stainless steel can be recycled for new plants

Reuse your wastewater

When you decide to treat your wastewater in-house, you can either choose to discharge your treated wastewater or you can choose to recirculate/reuse your treated wastewater

With an E-MVR solution, your treated wastewater will be soft water, completely free of minerals such as calcium and magnesium

If you need soft water in your production, for maintenance or for other processes, recirculation is an efficient, sustainable and cost-effective solution

  • By reusing your treated wastewater, you can reduce your water consumption by up to 99%

  • Eliminate the use of plasticiser chemicals in your production

  • The flexible design of the ZLD series makes it easy to connect the outgoing distillate with other parts of your production